1.Paid by Phuket Rabbit Card or any Rabbit Cards (the fare will be charged base on distances)

– Card issuing fee is 100 baht (excluding e-money / non-refundable). One card per person.

– The card is available for sales on the bus at 300 baht. (Fee 100 bahht+E-money 200 baht) Please contact our staff.

– Using the card is suitable for multiple trip

付款方法 :  Phuket Rabbit卡。购买这种卡300铢,其中100铢为卡费,200铢是可以使用的钱,出行按行程远近支付50-170铢不等。

2.Cash 170 baht / Trip / Person (Suitable for Single Trip)

3. Online Payment 170 baht / Trip / Person 


Phuket Smart Bus – Fare

*Tap the card while get in & get out every time*